Happy 4th of July to all Americans!! Working away here in Tuscany. Italian Independence day is in April.
Happy Sunday to everyone from a very very hot Tuscany.
Already 28 degrees here in Tuscany. It is going to be a torrid week in Italy with the African heat wave moving in. Happy Sunday everyone.
Wonderful Chianti day here in Tuscany. Guests coming for a tasting of our Cinta Senese products and wines. Happy Sunday everyone!
Looks like a quiet Sunday here in Tuscany. Storms forecast for tomorrow. Have a nice day, everyone.
Wonder if summer is ever going to come to Tuscany and Italy in general this year - Happy Sunday everyone.
Happy Mother's Day to all moms, and Happy Sunday to everyone from a gray, cloudy Tuscany.
Not much of a nice day here in Tuscany. I feel sorry for the bikers racing the Vernaccia GT. No fun to bike in the rain. Happy Sunday all.
May 1st, Italian Labor day. Great, so I'm here working, right? Or did I miss something?
Pretty hazy here in Tuscany this Sunday morning. Looks like it wants to rain. Have a nice day everyone.